Novofarm-Biosynthes Ltd. was established in 1996. The main purpose of company is producing high-quality infusion and injection solutions which are being used during emergency medical and intensive care. Our company includes production with system of sterilized premises, up-to-date technologies and equipment from leading European producers. Novofarm-Biosynthes products expands nomenclature of Ukrainian pharmacy market, lower shortgage of medicine, provide high-quality meds to the citizens of Ukraine and countries near abroad.

Novofarm-Biosynthes Ltd. completes its missions by the means of permanent implantation of new products, maintain its high-quality, co-operating with leading research centers and laboratories of Ukraine.

Novofarm-Biosynthes Ltd. has proved to be a serious producer of medical supplies in the pharmacy market of Ukraine and near abroad. According to our seventeenths year old experience, We are sure that customer needs high-quality pharmacy solution, which are produced subject to world standards of production. While enhancing potential, increasing stock, improving technology and process of management, we endeavor:

-to use only high-quality raw materials

-to turn out products with modern technology of manufacturing and packaging

-to provide customers with all range of infusion and injection solutions.

Novofarm-Biosynthes Ltd.has its own manufacturing base and well-equiped labartories. Manufacturing and supervision process are provided by highly qualified personal: technologists, microbiologist, analitical chemists. Storage of finished products, which is situated in modern 800 square meter building, providing proper storage of produced products.

These factors altogether with reputation of Novofarm-Biosynthes Ltd. as a reliable partner in the field of medical manufacturing, will encourage foreigner partners, who are interested in producing their production to use our production capacity and co-operate with us.